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Software for Quality Management Systems

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QMSCAPA™ stands for Quality Management System, Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions. QMSCAPA™ is a Microsoft Windows compatible computer application, which is designed to generate a CAPA log for a Quality Management System based upon the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

QMSCAPA™ will help you stay on a path for continual improvement. Internal Auditing and Management Review become easy to accomplish on a perpetual cycle.

Features in Version 1:

  • Database for logging Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions, and Non-conformances.
  • Internal Audit Schedule and Internal Audit Results Log.
  • Custom CAPA form generator and CAPA report builder.
  • Database for maintaining a master document index.
  • Database for recording personnel that are associated with the QMS.
  • Database for recording training programs, training schedules and personnel trained.
  • Support for multiple simultaneous users.
  • Multilevel access security and control.

Computer Requirements:

Windows XP, SP3, or;
Windows Vista, Windows 7, or;
Windows 2003 Server, or;
Windows 2015 Server.

ABCI recommends Windows 2015 Server, or higher with Terminal Services for simultaneous multiple Remote Desktop Users.